About Us

Formed in October 2014, The Leisure Group (TLG) is a full-service travel fulfillment and marketing company that specializes in providing support for the online travel industry. Our primary goal is to provide the tools and support necessary for our travel partners to thrive. TLG achieves this goal through handling many of the difficult tasks associated with selling travel online.


TLG has the experience, the technology and the customer support team to manage all facets of booking travel online. From finding the right customer, to booking reservations, to managing the customer service and fulfillment, TLG has you covered. Whether you are a destination website, an online travel agency, a hotel or travel brand, TLG can help you improve your bottom line. We help our clients succeed with effective travel management solutions, tailored specifically to your needs. TLG works hard every day to meet the ambitious needs of our clients.


Our US based travel agents are specifically trained for assisting our online travel clients.


Utilize our experienced travel professionals to save your business time and money.


Sleep well at night knowing that your customers are in great hands.


Focus your time on your growing your business while we handle the day to day.

Our Team



Our Vision is to provide the tools and support necessary for our travel partners to thrive. To achieve this vision, we become an integral partner to our travel clients. Many companies talk about partnerships, but TLG lives this commitment every-day through custom tailored solutions that brand your company with our services.


Partnerships are more than just what technology companies we work with or which clients utilize our software. Partnerships are the foundation of our business model. We look at every client as a partner in which we have a vested interest in achieving success together. Our vision will always be to help our clients achieve success, for only if they are successful will TLG be successful.

Management Team


The TLG Management Team is comprised of a group of seasoned travel professionals whose individual management experience exceeds over 19 years per person. Their tenure managing such successful travel companies as American Express, Balboa Travel, Travel Leaders, The Travel Support Center, Sundance Travel, Smartfares and Travelation has provided the depth and diversity of experience necessary to achieve success in the competitive online travel support industry. The TLG Management Team will bring its years of travel management expertise to the table to assist you in building a profitable online travel company.

Travel Marketing

Online Travel marketing in an ever-evolving skill set that requires years of experience. The days of establishing a website and simply advertising on Google are over. As a result of increased competition and the growth of social media, traditional online marketing tactics must be constantly reviewed and evaluated to determine their effectiveness on the ROI of the company.


The TLG marketing team understands this dynamic and brings a unique perspective on how to find the best quality traffic that will converts for our clients. The TLG marketing team will evaluate your business and create a marketing strategy tailored specifically to your travel business segment. We will then bring creative resources to bear that will allow our partners to improve their ROI through creative and effective online travel marketing campaigns.


Utilize our extensive online travel marketing expertise to improve your ROI.


Our network of travel marketing professionals will assist you in all aspects on online marketing.


Allow us to create a travel marketing strategy specific to your business.


We are constantly looking for new and innovative methods to drive traffic to your business.

Customer Service

Many companies talk about the value of customer service, but few commit their entire infrastructure towards achieving it. The Leisure Group has created a customer service solution which blends the efficiencies of technology with the support of highly trained travel agents.


TLG has some of the most highly experienced, well trained travel agents in the online travel industry. Our agents have all come from diverse back-grounds but are specifically trained to handle the unique demands of booking online travel. As a result, our agents handle sales volumes that are 2 to 3 times higher than that of a traditional corporate travel agent.


So how exactly do our travel agents meet such ambitious goals? Our agents are recruited and trained to develop the right combination of efficiency and attitude necessary do the job properly. To become a “Tier 1” travel agent for TLG, our agents must have a minimum of 5 years’ experience, undergo extensive training, adhere to measurable service standards and become proficient using all of the travel tools at their disposal. Only by meeting these strict standards, will a TLG travel agent be prepared to become one of your travel associates.

Phone Calls

Allow our friendly, knowledgeable travel agents to handle your customer service calls.


Our efficient travel agents will effectively deal with all email correspondence.

Consolidator Department

Utilize wholesale content to improve your bottom line.


Extensive knowledge of supplier rules regarding changes & cancellations save our client’s money.

Travel Fulfillment

What exactly is travel fulfillment? Travel fulfillment is the process of managing the automated steps involved in booking online travel. With decades of travel fulfillment experience, TLG is extremely qualified to hand the fulfillment of travel documents for our clients. This extensive experience, combined with our Quality Control (QC) Processing System allows us to monitor all aspects of the processing of service fees, mark-ups and Personal Name Record (PNR) information to insure 100% accuracy.


Throughout the years, TLG has created a sophisticated automated ticketing system which performs the QC checks, automatically runs the tickets in the appropriate pseudo, runs the credit card verification, drives the information into the reporting/ accounting function, issues an email to the client and inputs the appropriate tracking information into the PNR for future customer service needs. In addition, this department is staffed by some of the most highly experienced QC agents in the company. Their expertise has proven invaluable to our clients by salvaging millions of dollars in lost sales and preventing numerous cases of credit card fraud a year.


Relax while TLG handles the ticketing of your travel documents.

Quality Control

Utilize our QC systems to fulfill, track and monitor your travel bookings.

ARC Specialists

Allow our Certified ARC Specialists to manage your Airline reporting requirements.


Our client’s trust our Accounting Department to track & report all monies due.

Travel Technology

In today’s rapidly evolving travel economy, technology provides the competitive advantage necessary to not only survive but thrive.  To help our online travel clients thrive, TLG has invested heavily in online travel technology.  This investment in travel technology systems allows us to provide efficiency and seamless customer service through all stages of the booking process.


The Leisure Group travel system was created with the goal of integrating front-end booking technology with back-end customer service and fulfillment. This integrated system insures that all important travel information is transferred between all stages of the booking process and that the information is 100% accurate. In addition, TLG utilizes “state of the art” communication systems to insure your client receives the best customer service possible.

Booking Solutions

Search retail & wholesale rates with our proprietary travel booking engine.

Branded experience

Brand our solutions for a seamless booking & customer service experience.

Private & Net Fares

Earn substantial mark-ups with our commissionable and wholesale rates.

Dynamic Yielding

Adjust your mark-up by supplier, destination or class of service to maximize profits.